portrait of Muse Cali Faruur

Muse Cali Faruur
Muse Cali Faruur

Muse Cali Faruur is steeped in Somali heritage and culture and is widely esteemed for his expertise Somali tradition and folklore. Famous for his phenomenal memory, he acts as a living storehouse for many of his culture's most precious and highly-regarded poems and traditions. His courage as a foremost social and political activist is also celebrated and appreciated by Somalis.

As a poet and playwright, Muse's most celebrated works include, ‘Waallida Ragga iyo Weerarka Hablaha’ and ‘Agoon abbbe la'. Muse has also collected extensive unpublished works on Somali indigenous knowledge.

Poems by Muse Cali Faruur / Muse Cali Faruur