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portrait of Toeti Heraty

Toeti Heraty

Toeti Heraty was born in 1933. An outstanding Indonesian poet with a powerful vision, she is also a philosopher, an art historian and a human rights activist who is well known for her opposition to the Suharto regime and for her feminism.

She writes subtle poems, both intimate and personal, that also highlight repressive social and emotional conventions.

Poems by Toeti Heraty


  • Coral Bracho, Toeti Heraty & Gagan Gill
  • The launch party for our World Poets’ Tour – which took place at the October Gallery in central London on 4th October 2005 - was a very special evening. This was the first time our international poets got to meet their UK poet-translators (and each other); they were joined by representatives of their communities and assorted poetry enthusiasts. And, as you’ll gather from these photos taken by Crispin Hughes, it was a truly wonderful event.
  • Toeti Heraty (R) at the WPT Launch Party
  • Toeti Heraty and Gaarriye met for the first time at the WPT Launch Party
  • Toeti Heraty at the WPT Launch Party
  • Toeti Heraty with Carole Satyamurti
  • Toeti Heraty with Carole Satyamurti & Ulrich Kratz
  • (L-R) Lucy Rosenstein, Carole Satyamurti, Gagan Gill, Coral Bracho, Tom Boll, Toeti Heraty, Katherine Pierpoint, Jane Duran & Ulrich Kratz
  • The Poets in this photo are (L-R) Carole Satyamurti, Katherine Pierpoint, Coral Bracho, Toeti Heraty, Jane Duran & Gagan Gill