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The mind subsconsciously goes back to look for a preecding period (full stop) every time it encounters an upper-case letter.Really? Do you have more information about this? I’ve never heard of this, and   since you say it’s subconscious   I have never been aware of it. There are times when I consciously go back to look for a period, but that’s because one is actually missing, or I misread the sentence.


Room is one of a kind gathering in Taipei.  It is also a new memevont now to have amateurs sharing what they are passionate about.  I co-sponsored this event with my friend, Ayesha, so we can create a space where everyone is in love with poetry, play, music and body memevont.  Can you send your email address to me so I can put you in my mailing list for this event?  The seat is limited so I am very selective in who can most benefit from this kind of creative environment.  It is a multi-language gathering.  You will meet many creative people from different parts of the world.  As you know from this blog, one of my goals is to encourage our young people to embrace different cultures so they will be more humble when dealing with things they don’t know.  Again, English is just a tool.  Please sharpen this tool so you can reach out to the world and become a global citizen.I am so proud of you for taking the steps to get to know who you really are.  By expanding your comfort zone ( as cliche as it sounds ), you will realize that you are what you do, not just want you think.  Happy Chinese New YearPing

Yao Feng

Thanks for your works.Here is another version  of  this poem


at the plenary meeting

three thousand right hands are raised

at the same level

like a lawn trimmed by a mower


a spring swallow

opened its scissors tail

flew past above my arm

I gave out a sad, shrill cry

Translated by Hilda Tam and Kit Kelen


 for reference:


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