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The Poetry Translation Centre gives the best contemporary poems from Africa, Asia and Latin America a new life in the English language, working with diaspora communities for whom poetry is of great importance.

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What is Decolonisation?

3rd October

Decolonisation has reentered the public imagination in a big way. Writer Lola Olufemi introduces the key ideas and points to poetry, translation and local communities as sits for positive action.

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  • Because

    What kind of word is because?
    It’s like that rubber ball
    you have to squeeze between your teeth

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    რანაირი სიტყვაა „იმიტომ“
    თითქოს რეზინის ბურთია,
    რომელსაც კბილები უნდა მოუჭირო
    როცა კითხვებით მუცელს გიჭრიან
    რანაირი სიტყვაა“ – თან პასუხია, თან პირიქით
    და კითხვასაც, როგორც გემის გეზს, ვერ…

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    Portrait of Diana Anphimiadi


    Written by

    Diana Anphimiadi

    Translated by

    Jean Sprackland

    Bridge translation by

    Natalia Bukia-Peters