1. Workshop on Mostafa Ibrahim from Egypt with Nariman Youssef

    Wednesday 19th March 2014

    Translator Nariman Youssef joined us for a workshop on the poetry of Mostafa Ibrahim, a young Egyptian poet who shot to fame during the 'Arab Spring'...

  2. Workshop on Poetry in Somali by Weedhsame with Martin Orwin and Said Jama Hussein

    Wednesday 5th March 2014

    After a long absence, Martin Orwin, Senior Lecturer in Somali and Amharic at SOAS, returned to lead another workshop on Somali poetry with us. With...

  3. Workshop on Pashto Poet, Darwesh Durrani, with Dawood Azami

    Wednesday 19th February 2014

    Broadcaster and translator, Dawood Azami, joined us for a fascinating workshop in which we translated a powerful poem pleading for peace by leading...

  4. Workshop on Thai Poet Angkarn Chanthathip with Tracey Martin

    Wednesday 11th December 2013

    For the final workshop of the year, we translated two poems by Thai poet, Angkarn Chanchathip, including the title poem of 'The Heart's Fifth...

  5. Workshop on Poetry by Nato Ingorovka from Georgia with Natalia Bukia-Peters

    Wednesday 27th November 2013

    Natalia Bukia-Peters joined us for a workshop on the poetry of Nato Ingorovka from Georgia in which we translated her striking and mysterious poem,...

Our poetry translation workshops are one of the PTC's core activities. Through them we've first encountered some of the poets we've gone on to translate, publish and record at length. A significant number of the poets who've visited the UK to take part in our tours were first introduced to us by a translator bringing their poems to a workshop.

The workshops are open to anyone who has the skills to translate the poetry of a leading living African, Asian or Latin American poet who's already established a significant reputation in their own language. You don't need to send us your translations before you join us.

The new series of fornightly translation workshops began in September 2010: you can read the translations we've produced by clicking on the individual workshops on the left. 

Please sign up to join our workshop mailing list if you'd like to get involved. New workshop members are always very welcome!