PTC YouTube Takeover Week 4: Tice Cin

Tice Cin is an interdisciplinary artist from Tottenham, North London. A Literary Fiction awardee of Spread The Word’s London Writers Awards, her writing explores voyeurism from a woman’s perspective and our glitched society, thought patterns interrupted by technology. Her work has been published by Skin Deep Magazine and commissioned by venues including Battersea Arts Centre and St Paul's Cathedral. An alumnus of the poetry community Barbican Young Poets, she now creates digital art as part of Design Yourself - a collective based at Barbican Centre - exploring what it means to be human.

Cin is making work responding to the poems in My Tenantless Body by Chinese poet Yu Yoyo. Last year Cin interviewed the poet AK Blackmore about her work with Dave Haysom translating these poems for the PTC.

Search from my tenantless body

Cin built this video from her response to Chinese Poet Yu Yoyo's PTC collection 'My tenantless body'. The video follows an absent-minded internet search that follows the same contours and themes as Yu Yoyo's work.

Life's strangeness and meaningless signifiers

Part poetry themed episode of MTV's Cribs, part lid-lifting on the surreal importations from Yu Yoyo's collection 'my tenantless body', Tice Cin visits poets Mandisa Apena and Annie Hayter, with a cameo from artist Jolliff Seville. Mandisa reads from 'stay', a poem in seven parts that swiftly imbibes the house with strangeness. Exploring surrealism and notions of masculinity, witness chat featuring Mango stew, boiled beef, other meaningless signifiers and salt.

weathering the weather with the people on tv by Tice Cin

Yu Yoyo's poetry in all its instructive second person glory becomes the base script for this special weather report from Tice Cin, taking us through the different elements within her collection My Tenantless Body. Her poetry is playful, toying with subversions of reality, both bizarre and hopeful – including grilled fish scented high streets, pus-laden suns, and ill-advised boat rentals.