The PTC YouTube Takeover

This week sees the kick off the PTC YouTube Takeover. We have invited six young poets to respond to our publications from the last year with videos. Their responses are going to take many different forms from animation to music, from criticism to personal testimony.

We have given over our YouTube page to their creative output and its exciting to see what they have created. The programme kicks off with the playful work of Patrizia Longhitano show said ‘I decided to approach this project with an un-apologetical force, but at the same time with irony and love without being scared of looking ridiculous or vulnerable.’

Keep your eyes on our social media output to see when new videos drop over the next few weeks and head over to our YouTube page to leave comments and show your love.

Watch the PTC YouTube Takeover here.

The Schedule

Week one: Patrizia Longhitano Starting 24 February
Week two: Destiny Adeyemi Starting 2 March
Week three: Guido Garcia Lueches Starting 9 March
Week four: Tice Cin Starting 16 March
Week five: Jade Cuttle Starting 23 March
Week six: Ella Frears Starting 30 March

Patrizia Longhitano

Patrizia Longhitano was born in Brazil in 1980 and lived in Manaus (the capital of Amazonia) until she was eight years old. She relocated to Italy in a small village in Veneto with her adoptive parents until 2005 when she moved to the UK. She started writing poems in English ten years ag and her poems have appeared in the anthology Un Nuevo Sol, Harana Poetry, The Rialto, The South Bank Poetry Magazine and The Delinquent (R.I.P.).

Longhitano came to us via the Invisible Presence collective of British Latino writers and she is responding to the poems of Legna Rodríguez Iglesias from her PTC collection A little body are many parts.

Destiny Adeyemi

Destiny Adeyemi is a poet and spoken word performer, a Slambassadors 2018 Winner, member of The Octavia Poetry Collective and was in 18/19 Barbican Young Poets programme. She lives in London performing at local open mics and poetry events. Her poetry takes inspiration from her Nigerian upbringing, personal experiences and intersectional feminist beliefs.

Adeyemi is responding to the work of Brazilian poet Adelaide Ivánova, having written a response poem to Ivánova’s poem The Elephant for our guerilla bitchcraft event with Adelaide Ivánova last year.

Guido Garcia Lueches

Guido is a Uruguayan a poet and actor musician, working in the UK since 2015. He first trained at the Instituto de Actuación de Montevideo, and later at Associated Studios in London. He is also part of the Invisible Presence collective of British Latino writers, and had his work published in their A New Voice anthology. Guido will be appearing as Algernon Moncrief in the upcoming The Importance of Being... Earnest? at the Omnibus Theatre, London.

Garcia Lueches is responding to the poems published in A little body are many parts by Cuban poet Legna Rodríguez Iglesias.

Tice Cin

Tice Cin is an interdisciplinary artist from Tottenham, North London. A Literary Fiction awardee of Spread The Word’s London Writers Awards, her writing explores voyeurism from a woman’s perspective and our glitched society, thought patterns interrupted by technology. Her work has been published by Skin Deep Magazine and commissioned by venues including Battersea Arts Centre and St Paul's Cathedral. An alumnus of the poetry community Barbican Young Poets, she now creates digital art as part of Design Yourself - a collective based at Barbican Centre - exploring what it means to be human.

Cin is making work responding to the poem in My Tenantless Body by Chinese poet Yu Yoyo. Last year Cin interviewed the poet AK Blackmore about her work with Dave Haysom translating these poems for the PTC

Jade Cuttle

Jade Cuttle has been commissioned to write poetry for BBC Radio 3, BBC Contains Strong Language Festival and the BBC Proms Official Guide. Jade is an editor at Ambit and judging the Costa Book Awards 2019 (Poetry). Selected as a Ledbury Poetry Festival Emerging Poetry Critic, Jade's criticism regularly appears in publications such as the Guardian, The Times Literary Supplement and The Telegraph. Fusing metaphor with melody, Jade released her debut album of eco-themed poem-songs with funding and support from the PRS foundation. She currently works full-time at The Poetry Society and tutors freelance at The Poetry School.

Cuttle’s videos are in dialogue with poems from the hammer and other poems by Brazilian poet Adelaide Ivánova.

Ella Frears

Ella Frears is a poet and visual artist based in London. She’s had work published in the LRB, Ambit, and Poetry London among others and currently has poems on show at Tate St Ives. She has been Poet in Residence at Tate Britain, the National Trust and Royal Holloway University physics department where she was writing about the Cassini Spacecraft. Ella was a finalist for the Arts Foundation Poetry Fellowship and was commended in the National Poetry Competition 2019. Her first collection is Shine, Darling (Offord Road Books 2020).

Frears is responding to the work of the Chinese poet Yu Yoyo.