Series: PTC Winter Workshops 2019

Every two weeks we translate a new poem by a living poet from Asia, Africa or Latin America at our office in The Albany, Deptford. Our workshops are a window into world cultures and a meeting place for like minded people.

This winter we will be looking again at the Brazilian Portuguese poet and artist Carla Diacov and diving into Cuban Spanish with touring poet Legna Rodríguez Iglesias. We will also dig deeper into Yoruba and Tamil with new translators the lexicographer Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún and the artist Hari Rajaledchumy respectively. Finally, we are happy to announce that we are holding our first-ever workshops on Kwéyòl and Bengali poetry.

How does it work?

Led by the PTC's Commissioning Editor, the poet Edward Doegar, each workshop is a chance to discover a fresh new poet from Asia, Africa or Latin America. Each week we are joined by a guest-translator, a language expert who introduces the group to a poet and their work, offering insights into their creative process and cultural context. Starting from a bridge-translation the group works towards a new English language version of the poem. The process combines problem-solving with creative thinking, and the results are always fascinating.

The Poetry Translation Centre's collaborative translation workshops are a great way to support international poets and find out more about vibrant cultures from around the world.

Remember: the workshops are open to all. There is no need to know the language being translated.

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Full Programme of Workshops

September 24

Portuguese poetry workshop: Translating Carla Diacov with Annie McDermott

October 8

Spanish poetry workshop: Translating with Serafina Vick and poet Legna Rodríguez Iglesias

October 29*

Kwéyòl poetry workshop: Translating Liz Faisal with Kendel Hippolyte

November 5

Bengali poetry workshop: Translating Nirmalendu Goon with Shamim Azad

November 19

Yoruba poetry workshop: Translating Túbọ̀sún Ọládàpọ̀ with Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún

December 3

Tamil poetry workshop: Translating Sugan with Hari Rajaledchumy

*PLEASE NOTE: Mostly our workshops happen every two weeks but this one is out of step.

The saving on a season pass is equivalent to one free workshop. And don't forget, with each workshop, you attend you can earn points towards free PTC chapbooks and poetry collections with your PTC loyalty card.

Feedback from recent workshops:

"I really enjoyed it. I'll be coming back for more this season."

"Yes, it reminds me of how much I love words and meaning and being part of a group."

"A great space to connect with others."

There are free tickets available for refugees & the unwaged for each individual workshop.

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