Series: Poetry Translation Workshops 2018: January - March Season Pass

Whether you are a poet, translator or lover of words our friendly poetry translation workshops are a great way to get closer to poetry from around the world. Meet other poetry lovers and take a close look at work by living poets from other cultures. At each workshop, the participants work together to give a poem from Asia, Africa or Latin America a new life in English.

There is no need to know the language being translated, just come along!

In our latest workshop season, between January and March, we will be looking at poetry in Japanese, Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Swahili and Arabic. Award-winning poet and editor of Modern Poetry In Translation Clare Pollard will be returning to facilitate these sessions.

Our workshops are held in central London every second Tuesday from January 16th to March 27th.

This season's bridge translators include:

Micha Meyers (Hebrew), Khairani Barokka (Indonesian), Alice Guthrie (Arabic), Dr Alan Cummings (Japanese), Brother Anthony (Korean) & Ida Hadjivayanis (Swahili)

Workshop Facilitator:

Clare Pollard is an award-winning poet and the editor of Modern Poetry In Translation. As a writer, Clare is very concerned with bearing witness to the times in which we live. Her work has frequently engaged with contemporary concerns. Her third collection Look, Clare! Look! (2005) was made a set text on the WJEC A-level syllabus. Her latest collection is Incarnation (Bloodaxe, 2017).

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