21. Said by the Voter

Earthen fragment ballot [ostrakismos] cannot be quit      Why? [you/someone/they] ask?
Well     Because those for whom taking the audience seat is not enough
Can change the plot for the lead/main actor on the stage
Because they/themselves      the important, rabble-reigning-over characters’
Explusions and      death sentences too     are determined by the roll of the die/dice
What’s more     even if you/we/they understand later it was a mistake
It is okay to take no responsibility for anything     Because [in] the quotidian/every day/usual/normality
That comes [nuance of word choice: whether we like it or not]      those blokes do just as they are told
Just let us/them [i.e. the voters] do that much      and we’ll call it even
The final judgement is history      or so they [the hotshots] say however
[We’re talking about] us, who after/upon dying, who will be completely/ utterly forgotten
If we don’t experience even pain     we won’t even feel an itch