Monkey following a Monkey the Fable Treaty


Here, the shadow in solitude / the light in loneliness
don’t ask for the indentation (imprint) of the body
only for the effect (trace, mark) of the tongue


taming an stallion
is not less than crowning a Queen,
you ask me for a grain of wheat under the throne!
I am asking her, she who carry the Mace.  


no inscription to denote, no relic to own
only the ability to distil the hunch of survival
we were no passers-by، we were not in vain: I touch with my hand,
listening to the psalm of pulsation
and intuit the eternal lesson


the utensils of secrets are fraught with yodels and spells
the wine urn 
shrouds itself in solemnness
on the ceiling, the tongues of the low candles flames
inflaming the suitor’s chest
who is highjacking the root of fertility with a song on the verge of extinction 


the river did not blend with the river
since the invention of boats، fishing and cooking fish,
the hauls of the year, bounty of seasons of plenty, fruits,
the know-how of trenching
the river is Blood, always followed by remorse of history
a land inherited by vengeance
A woman helplessly swirling and roaring in her cave!

Was I present there and then? 

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