A Night in Hospital

Bats’ wings whip my window loudly,
Crows emit expectorating sounds.
A dog howls biting the night wind,
The Moon reddens in his muzzle.
Exhausted from the darkness’s weight,
The walls talk to each other, sotto voce.
Only silence [=serenity] hums,
Overlapping with stillness’s song. A homeless drunkard, whose hope’s light was put out
Cried in a narrow street.
Sensing the Daemon’s breath from afar
Leaves’ ears flick. In the back alley – there are mutters of robbers.
In the street corner – there are whispers of prostitutes…
The insects sense the smell of danger,
Hiding in the maple bark. If there’s lunar eclipse before the dawn,
My subconscious cries out with ballistic sounds.
…I escaped from this night that holds ┼żanaza to the living *
Only by praying.
* ┼Żanaza – Muslim funeral prayer.