Hey, you! Amazed beauty filled with wonder
Hey, you! Having luck and unexpected good fortune
Enchanting and delighting the mind,
Huh! Getting to know you
And the infection of your love is fairly devastating.

Like a fast speeding horse
Well experienced for the full moonlight offences
Carrying out an attack against enemy forces
With its owner riding takes revenge against the armed adversaries,
Men are showing approval and well disposed towards you;
Again and again I’m preparing myself
(I’m purifying a milk-vessel by burning twigs inside it)
The love I have for you,
And for a long period of time I socialize in the evenings
With reoccurring dreams about you and your images.

The ground been green and pleasant
And its fresh growth keeps on top
Not yet lost its newness,
And because of being incapable of holding
It staggers down to the soil
With its lock of hairs and forehead,
No space to put one’s foot
And no space to lean on,
Where sharply curved spaces exist
Rainwater pooled on the ground makes it heavy,
Early in the evening twilight
A reddish orange colour altogether
Written on it an identifying brand,
A time when the sun
Dressed up with cashmere colour clothes
Whose dewlap hanged over the sagal (rays of light which indicate distant rain)
You bear a physical resemblance to it (You shared milk with it),
If other habitual practice never existed
No one would have been able to differentiate you from tonight's scenery.

A tree at a green bare-topped hill
Situated in a prosperous and fertile soil
Sated with water and causing to flourish
Different from other plants
The weather conditions prevailing in the surroundings
And the habitat famous for its natural beauty,
The leaves on the top of the tree
And the branches support each other and prevent from falling,
Ripe fruits with reddish colour
Making roaring sound at the sides,
And from tip to toe
Was taken all over by a storm of flowers,
While the birds rest on top of the branches
Sang and made melodious songs
In a restless manner
And later exchanged playful tunes
When finished the contest with an even score
Each needed to call extra reinforcement.

Shortly afterwards when
Away for a while from one another because of annoyance,
And calling to arms against each other
Overtly expressing their mood on the tree
Concealing the nails to the branches crevices,
The musical vocalizations of the song sang in harmony
Their vibrating tongues and the loudness of the overtones,
The freshness and the full energy of the voices rising to a high pitch
This has automatically removed the shadow of suspicion.

Youth refraining from drinking milk
Abstaining from going home at the end of the day,
The unmarried girls and the young adult men
Flocked into a mass to the sites
Of open air festive space of folk dances,
Though future destiny is predetermined,
The words expressed at the dance that takes up in the evening,
Mostly is: ‘You are the one I’ve chosen!’

This easy-going epoch we live in
With it you share a distinguishing feature of your personal nature,
If hereafter Allah will not torment me in the Hell Fire
And God does not get angry,
I would have compelled the people
To express reverence and show devotion toward you
And give you honour by both blacks and whites
Crown you as the queen of beauty.

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A very random user who you don't know but don't wo

Thanks for translating this beautiful piece, even though my father could have read the Somali part of it.  Can you put in the Somali piece? It seems more natural since it is Somali poetry.


A beautiful piece. I have been  enjoying Somali poems since yesterday. Thanks for the translation

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