This is one of Hadraawi's most popular love songs, perhaps because it goes so much further than many similar poems of the time in that it is concerned not only with the physical attractiveness of the beloved, but also uses nature as a rich source of metaphor to describe her loveliness.

Here's a link to a recording of the much loved singer, Maxamed Saleebaan Tubeec, singing 'Amazement'. Sadly, he passed away in Germany on 12th March 2014. He was a great singer loved by many Somalis.

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A very random user who you don't know but don't wo

Thanks for translating this beautiful piece, even though my father could have read the Somali part of it.  Can you put in the Somali piece? It seems more natural since it is Somali poetry.


A beautiful piece. I have been  enjoying Somali poems since yesterday. Thanks for the translation

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