Some things, to know
Their strength, we have to bruise.
Other things, to know
We want them, we have to lose.
How many friends have you accused of lying
Because you needed to be reassured,
And to be reassured lost your friends.
How many balloons have popped (?)
As you went blowing past their limit,
So you knew the limit but also knew regret?
Now I understand what it was I wanted,
Why all those balloons have popped.
I wanted a thing without an end,
Or with an end I'll never reach.
Walls that have my back and will keep standing
Even as I hit and kick at them.
Something real, not fake,
And always there,
With no need for reassurance
And no fear that when tested will break.
Those who know who I am, please
Pass on my apologies to all balloons.
We've all been there one day, balloons
Pushed past our limits by another's experiment.
Balloons that live and want to be wanted
For what they are, by someone who doesn't
Need to lose
In order to believe.