Chapter V: The Sleeping Poem

And a girl is sleeping quietly in the bed,
the glass of wine fatigued the room,
the empty glass stands like …
let me leave it without making a comparison.

And a poem is sleeping quietly  in this thought,
no adornment, in the sleeping country,
not to frighten it I will break the rhyme,
it won’t wake up without a rhyme.

The girl is sleeping in the bed like a poem,
how close I feel to something  that’s far away ...
I will chose a name for the sleeping symbol ,
or I will leave it without a metaphor.

I will put at her head a sleeping poem,
as the invitation of the new book.
I will leave the book’s door open
and I will wait until she will come in.

I won’t do up the undone collar
I will trust the heavenly angel to do it,
I will let it touch the poem and wake it up,
it will button itself the undone collar

The sleeping poem,-
The sleeping woman...
no made-up face and no lipstick,
the drunken poet who sacrifices the morning star
who is responsible for the noise in the morning...

he is responsible before the people,
he would be blamed for the resurrection,
he took the woman into the rain
and he gave the woman and power to the rain.

He gave the rain to the woman,
and the woman to the rain,
not being ashamed about  customs and the Sabbath,
and when the drunk man fell down in the street,
the rain and wet dress rushed to him.

He gave the life to the rain and the woman,
he woke up the sleeping poem,
the phrase sounded many times heard before:
-          Crucify him,
the shepherd of the rain drops!

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it is so nice and romantic

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