Undying Glow

I haven’t given up yet
Nor have I made retreat;
The inspiration from heaven
and the achievement that goes along
I have never willingly discarded
My milky camel is ready
To fill the bowls to the brim
Apart from intended procrastination,
Nothing has changed in my  mission.
These four points I make
To rebuff that baseless rumour
WHEN MEN truly go to war
with commitment and determination
and start harnessing the horses
I am never the one supposed
To fall far behind the others
My friend, Gaarriye,  mark this:
the ongoing ‘Shax’ game
being watched by all and sundry
and trumpeted loud by the fools
I cast my dice with confidence
Knowing well the only two sides
To the ‘Deelley’ gauntlet
This four is but a prelude
To the issue at stake
My poem intends to address
WHEN THE DEBATE gets heated
And weaknesses become exposed
When some resort to tribal sentiments
And the damage shows in divisions
to which the society is split
When young hyenas go ahead
Pulling carcasses from covered holes
Scattering the chyme in the open
which smacks people’s noses
With unbearable stenches
And the thrown away parts
Fill the air with impurity
I tend to be the harbinger of the clouds
Of the long awaited rains
The people so hoped for
RECENTLY SIGNS of eye cataracts
And other similar illnesses
Has been seen rampantly at loose
It wasn’t cholera,
More like a slight cold
No doubt those of us,
Who hate discrimination,
And  upheld their patriotism
With the might of their pen
And the recitation of the Deelley poems
Will soon track the mischievious and
Silence their drum beats.
Our clarion call will destroy
With the force of lightning
their malicious intent,
and tribal incitement of those
who exploit their kind
and try to defame of sovereignty
Theirs will never happen,
According to my reckoning
NO MATTER their weird attempts,
Blatant emezzlements,
resort to fraudulent means
Or even daylight robbery
and holding the country at ransom
for selfish personal gains,
The freedom that we have won
like a full moon’s glare
cannot be easily extinguished
I am on its guard
and its torch-bearer too
I am its roving ambassador
Whoever tries to get the better of it
May foolishly choose so
But will taste bitter defeat
because I am always on the alert
it is my historical mission
a duty upon my shoulders
to fight till the very end
WHETHER IT  is gold or silver
This strange currency of money
Having both sides the same;
Farmlands at the banks of the Shebelle river
Washed clean and nurtured
by the Dirir star above,
Buildings cropping up here and there
Changing their paints to red and all hues
Made of wood from the fabulous ‘Diib’ tree
With five Datsun cars in their garage
This property not earned abroad
Nor gained by honest labour
Void of  both the blessings of parents
And the bliss of providence
This absolutely inexplicable enrichment
Yielded by some who cause misery
And impoverish the public
Don’t they realise their gross villainy
That will for ever follow them.
OUR SOCIETY is known for its good
And fogiving attitudes
It is made of pure golden stock
It hates to harm any one
In Allah it always trusts
Wrongly percieved as unwitting at times
but it is far from being easily duped
true, it never hastily charges
those pent on doing it harm
and who dispense of public wealth;
It patiently takes record of all
And perpetrators never get away with it
These four verses, beautiful threads
Like the colours on the oryx skin
I only employed as mere illustrations
But still in store I have
One more point to say
The unleashing of these poems
Which like wirlwinds roaring
And moving in every direction
smarting the hat of tribalism
starkly seen  in the open;
this commodity being sold in the shops
isn’t there a law forbidding it
can’t it be checked and stopped
isn’t there somebody assigned to that duty
I wonder who gave permisson to
The reciters of these harmful poems
Isn’t there a law banning them
THE LONG AND the short of it
The truth of the matter
Let me say it straight:
While hunger is so rife
Standing like stalwart
With the self-enriching lots
Are wetting their appetites
And increasing in number
With fraudulents winning the day
Having possession of all there is ;
With the poor bearing the brunt
And society divided into unequal classes
Never expect tribalism to go away
And disappear of its own
This is scientifically proven knowledge
WHOEVER  wishes for peace
and prosperity in life,
there is always a right path
to go along for that.
The people’s well being
Lies in its unity and common toil
That is its healing medicine
But should it suffer a weakness on one side
That would certainly be a fatal blow.
There remains no louder warning
Or better examples to give
Or more genuine advice to go by.
Who dares to disagree, then!
MY HORSE  poem ‘Daalacan’
I won’t hobble it any more
But give it time to rest.
And call for all our sheep and lambs
And all in the neighbourhood
To where all will gleefully witness
our beautifully adorned princess
The ‘Deelley’ poem we recite
Like a bountiful water well
Where every one can come
To quench their thirst .
You, my friend, are better  equipped
For it and surely know how to sort
Out the weeds and throw the useless substance.
Like giving lessons to your students
Give the gathered crowds your words
Which they longingly came to hear
Let go your ‘Doolaal’ horse poem
Once again set its reigns free
So that it takes our tale to far away lands
Yes, my friend Maxmed Xaashi,
I will also follow suit
And do the same on my part
Thus we accomplish our noble task.