There was a voice, from the thirsty lips
That drew me out of my body
There was a voice
That embraced me like somebody
It became a torturing horse dragging my soul
Over unkind rocks and stones
I don't know why
This voice this creator
Right from the onset
Drew me a stranger, a tramp?
Divided me in two, then it drew you out of me
Then it drew me afar from you
A door of death it drew between us
It drew me nailed outside the door
It wasn't enough
It erased us unhappily
Then drew you anew after drew me anew
It drew us as two birds
In two cages
It wasn't enough
It drew with neither wings and nor feathers
It wasn't enough
It smashed it all
So it could draw me as son and you as father
A moment later you were a star and I was just a stone
You shone on me and made precious
It wasn't enough
This time it drew you as a desert
And drew me a breeze to blow in you
It wasn't enough
Cross! Croos! Cross! It erased all over again
It made me a cup of tea full of good and evil
And made you sugar dissolved in me
Then finally took to his lips and drank me

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