Note on the literal translation:

[1] This refers to a traditional saying among the mothers of men killed on the battlefield in Afghanistan, that they felt their nipples burning at the time their sons were killed. However, "women" could also refer to the warrior's wife.

Zuzanna Olszewska, Literal Translator

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Christine Irving

: Gorgeous- wish i’d written, this: What woman will feel her nipples burn for your black curls in the dust, what mother for her son?”  You’ve summed up the sensual connection between lovers and son and all the fields of poignancy that lie between them in three lines- amazing.

i ‘m reading your poetry thanks to Maureen Thorson and her blog NaPO Wri MO.  I hope you get a chance to check it out.  I am so grateful to have discovered you!


It’s really beautiful and Touching .she is amazing!

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