Evening Tea

While we drink tea here on the porch
And watch our children
(When they are) swinging cheerfully
We should know: the rope of our swing
Has already worn through and started to rot
And a little bit and we will fall down. 

There was a time when it pushed me upwards
(And) I went further than a half circle,
There was a time when I caught you in the air
When you almost fell down,
And there was a time when we took turns to carry each other
One standing and pushing, the other sitting (on the board).
During that time, even though we rose high in front and in back/behind
We laughed at too high/exaggerated hopes
And then went to the kitchen to prepare supper;
It was our early afternoon.                                                    
Now when we wait for dreams that we cannot carry out anymore
We shall/let us finish the tea grounds of our evening tea
Without spitting them out, smiling.
After that, let us lick/suck the sweet taste/sweetness
That remains on our lips,
While we remember that first day
When we met in the evening under the mango tree
Looking for a good, solid branch
To tie our swing to
Whilst the dog Simba (Lion) waited for you.
But before we will leave just silently (silent-silent)
To complete the half circle that remains
Let us/we should make sure that our cups are clean.

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Brilliant poem. Big applause to the persons who have discovered and translated this poem. The beauty of the words conjure images in my mind. I am moved to tears. Keep up the great work.     

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