Village Transmission (8)

The emaciated wars tomorrow
A surprise in the dark
The cages of the fruit terrify

I know after two streets of grief
And streets and a camp toward the lord

I know the water before the despair
In joyful mammals
Every day, at a cheap price

Of the hopelessness, bit by bit
In the form of a goat
I know the remainder of a strange dove
Before the horizon enflames:

You believe in the sea
We lay the story in the sand
I believe in the sun and split headache
In the rough bridge at times of peace
The soprano emanating from the curving hand
The aethereal agitated above the roofs of a village

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Comments (2)

Michael Farrell

I think in reading this poem, despite my limited knowledge, I have a sense of reading Atief’s writing. I like the crates of fruit and carefree mammals ..
i think ‘We preserve the story in salt’ might be different? it feels like there are too many instances of ‘the’ in this stanza ..


Really glad I could be involved in the translation of this poem, which I found exceptional. The debates about almost every word (!) really clarified the meaning of the poem for me.

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