Mum, what is a homeland?
That my teacher told me to love
Mum, what is a homeland?
Then whoever goes away and remember it dearly
Homeland is a bunch of sweet star fruits
That you can climb and pick every day
Homeland is your path to school
With many yellow butterflies flying around you
Homeland is a green kite in the sky
That you play in the fields throughout
your childhood
Homeland is a small boat
Brandishing float in riparian water peacefully
Homeland is a small bamboo bridge
That mum return home with her conical hat
Is the scent of flowers in the fields Flying on your summer night's sleep
Homeland is a warm embrace
Confort your sleep in the raining nights
Homeland is a moonlit night
Areca flowers fall white all over the courtyard
Homeland is yellow pumpkin flower
It's a light purple Malabar spinach hedge,
Is red hibiscus
Pure white lotus colour
Each of us has only a Homeland
Just like a mother
Who doesn't remember..their Homeland