Houses and People

Each spot   each spot  illuminates an image
the sea shore          the plain        the top of a mountain
the rice field  the roadside  the sad grey twilight
over there     over here tends the light - -
Glittering       splendour of life
every place   every direction        arriving in the city
the countryside       riverbank districts    near   far
never without houses and people
The forms of houses are created by people
everywhere is old from the beginning
the dark ancient times are over
go beyond the past till you reach the present


People build houses homes
by tending the light of their lives they build their dream
to sustain the truth all things
come from that - forever
Each place   is the place of the dream of an image
gives a picture of the truth that is greater than
the centre of the most gloomy darkness
wherever it is under the sky there's a light

Glittering       brightness of life
the deep dark night     traveller    the wide world
every place everywhere it pushes its way through
never without houses and people

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Nemai Mondal

Very nice poem. Touchy, dreamy.

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