I Am I

They call me communist
They call me capitalist
They call me nationalist
And I am just a human being,
Why is that not enough?
Countries set themselves on fire
(While) mothers (are) mourning, crying
many children being hurt/being in pain/suffering
with/and all the words that we use
            to kill each other and destroy
(Oh) you, river,
We are standing on your side/bank
tears dropping on us
            getting mixed in your heart.

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Thank you so much for creating this website!

eric nzau(Speak Swahili)

This is a very good poem and it is the same as the original. So i am very Pleased

Timothy Kinoti M'ngaruthi

This poem is a true reflection of what the author underwent as a political martyr in the Kenyan regime that was. I am currently reviewing the author’s poems in his book ‘Chembe cha Moyo’ as part of my PhD research and I find his work quite rich. There would be no harm if all his poems were translated as appropriately as this one was.

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