I wanted to ask you,
Whether you have missed me, (you missed me or not)
Perhaps you remembered the smell of my fingers
When I phoned you
And I told you something amongst other, (by the way)
And you returned thousand questions,
Thousand meaningless questions,
Among which none was:
“ How are you?”
“Do you still love me ?”
“Do you want to go to the cinema this evening ?”
I wanted to say
That I always found it hard
To find a simple sentence to speak to you,
I thought they could not express
My love to you,
All my pains and fears,
The sleeping wishes in my closed eyes.
Every day I told you the stories
About myself and other people,
Every day I wrote to you thousand words,
Among which none was:
“I love you!”
“I miss you!”
I wanted you to see
That I am not as beautiful,
As I was next to you, (as I was when I was near you)
As (like) I was in your life,
Because beauty is a mirror-
It reflects happiness.
And I, since you’d forgotten my address,
Hang the black cloth on all the mirrors. ( I covered all the mirrors with the black cloth)
I laid my dreams in the middle of the room
And I said:
“Don’t come back!”
“Don’t meet me!”
“Don’t call me anymore!”
And yet,
That evening , when I,(was) tired sat down near the door
And did not wait for anyone to come,
I wanted to ask,(I felt like asking)
Whether(perhaps) you missed me,
By any chance, ( accidentally)
Absolutely by any chance…(absolutely accidentally)

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