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good….very meaningful…


Thank you, this is a beautiful translation. Just one comment: you say in your notes that there are no capital letters in hindi and no punctuation. This is incorrect. There are no capital letters but Hindi uses the same 14 punctuation marks as English, except the sign for a period or a full stop is “|”

sheel nigam

there is one place where these two path meet.i will write in hindi.
door anant mein ,khitij ke us paar,jahan,dharti aur aakash ka milan hota hai.
this is the truth of the life. our souls are together but thoughts are different, so we live life together but path differs, like—- nadi aik hai, uske dono kinare sath sath behte hai per kabhi nahi milte ,till the end , jab tak woh nadi ananat sagar mein nahi sama jati.
hope , i have shared my views in a correct , possible way. i liked the poem very much.

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