Staying in the sanctuary/Temple of the god of patience


You chose your exile among the rainy mountains.

The place where you waited on the last night
Was the home of the god of patience.
The house that equips people with empathy.
There is no need for sanctuaries/temples I said. 
This is just a place. 
The soul of a person must be made a temple. 
And rain, the river of displacement.
Remembered through god and childhood.


You chose your exile among the rainy mountains.

The beauty of misapprehension
And the serenity of pain. 
Everything has linked you to a void.
And you, you looked at the pale patience flowers and wept.
You fell asleep in his arms as if he wasn’t there.
A journey to the mountain, a choice of exile shall be done. 
And a human shall be wanted from god. 

That music has to be listened to again. 
That place where making love is incomplete/unfinished.

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