La Luna

give me time La Luna
look everything is gone
everything is gone crying
the waters became cold
a victim falls between us now La Luna

one of us out of three is a victim
a cool line is being drawn into the sky
too late, too late now

all my suns are leaving me one by one
will they never return to my life
an eagle flying off from my forehead splitting
passing the sky
an invisible handwheel's maddening noise
is heard from some places

far memoirs
like crabs
are coming out to a sunset

last suns last suns also fall
with all the metal circle you appear in my life

with invisible forces
with dark and complicated grieves, you revived
just like yourself
you seem dreadful
don't you have anything human La Luna

Though everything seems possible, everything explainable
some things have been locked in some places
come you Emperor, Night
and take me to your dark eyes for the last time

Plait my hair with an old key La Luna
wrap my face my wounds
with cloths and blacks La Luna

Prepare me for that wild festival
like the silhouettes pass from dark walls
like the ice flowers waiting for navy nights
like a lighthouse scanning the unsettles sea
a silver pendulum that  dangles in space
Man on gallows
a monk, a soldier
growing mandrake out of tears...

passed under a blackened window
like a poisonous smoke
clouds, slides from top of you
slides, La Luna, beginning and ends

give me time La Luna
a little time
let me hear that SELEN lyre one more time
and the sirens, with purple songs, from afar

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tahereh mirzayi

it s ful of feeling,i like it,is ther any poem of this whic is translated english?




this is quite wonderful, rich with sensual imagery and haunting

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