"Lets Do It Again"

Hold my hand gently
Place your fingers on mine
Let me also wrap my fingers around yours gently
Let our blood flow together
And eke out peace 
Let us play the play of peace
Like we used to do before
To hold on, and not let go of our creator
Let us do it again
Like we do it all the time
Because alone I can only do little
Both of us can do a lot
Let me not play alone
In the course of this good game
I promise to stay with you
When we pee together
It creates enduring foam (froth)
Let us do it again
The way you do it, is pleasing to my body like the wind
Wow, my running water
Your conversations, taking you in, putting into you
Thoughts of you, playing with you, and the thoughts of you
When you stay still..wow! when you move around
Your teachings, your in-depth gaze into things
If only your words bore fruit
Chai! These things all bring smiles to my face
Lets do it again
The way we do it is enjoyable to me
You Satisfy me 
You fill me to overflow