Letter to the Rain

Dear rain,
Winter has passed
And even spring is slowly reaching for her last days
You are badly missed in the garden
When will the season of your absence finish?
Dear rain
Oh Rain! Rain! Rain!
Benevolent rain, cold-hearted rain!
Our beloved garden got nothing but dust from by passers
The wind blown be it from mountain or desert or even forest
Brought nothing but piles and piles of dust to our garden from all corners
Rain, oh sweet rain!
The last bird of the garden will leave us  this eve
This leaver, this flyer over the clouds, this messenger of spring, is the
On the wing of the warbler, I wrote this letter
Will this letter reach you or not? I don't know
Dahlia cried all day long for you
I wrote this letter for her comfort
Rain! Oh rain! Our rain!
Come sooner
Come once you get this letter

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Peter Messinger


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