Like Red-Hot Lava

The sun travelled from the East[1]
on its wings of wind
the seeds sprout
and turn into words
to brighten this day
my beloved
I want to bathe your soul
in the dew of my waters
an alphabet of vowels
where one enters and is not forgotten
I want to be the wind
to calm the raging waves of the sea
hands to caress the volcano
and extinguish the fire of your words
I will heal and calm evil Iwia's wrath[2]
tears to enter your childlike eyes
uncovering myself and erupting like red-hot lava
and rolling like stone turned to fire
into your salty arms
To be the time to remain, and together
to head down a new path
to be the hot spring
to quench the thirst of your soul
and to drink the secrets of holy Arutam.[3]

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aylssa gomez

its a great peom you go girl keep the good working and understanding

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