Message from a Martyr


This Arabic poem, written in classical metre, was far from easy to translate. If you compare the opening lines of the literal and final versions, you'll see that 'pencils' becomes bullets - the word for 'lead' in Arabic can mean both the lead running through a pencil and a bullet.

'Message from a Martyr' is very typical of many contemporary poems written in Arabic in response to the Palestinian crisis. Although Palestine isn't mentioned in the poem, it's clear that the country and its struggles are its subject.

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one of the most moving poems i’ve read in a long time. thanx!


This poem reflects the situation in Palestine right now


The same poem could easily have been written by an Israeli. Suffering by two peoples. Time for compassion - time to stop taking sides


Unparalleled accuracy, unequivocal clatriy, and undeniable importance!

sheikh Mohiuddin

this is real calling of an Kashmir Martyr

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