Hey Muxubbo!

Muxubbo, hey Muxubbo!
Hey my wife!
Hey you, faultless and flawless!
Our love and marriage this morning
Is thirty two years old
And it’s still continuing.

A love that is certain and free from error
Pure love that exists in the heart
A love that doesn’t cease from
The inner feeling and the chest
And it is been formed in the blood vessels.

As long as I live in the world
I’ll continuously supply my love for you
Hey, you’re a peacemaker and fulfiller of my needs!

In every early morning sunrise
And in every single hour
I call on in prayer
You to be in good health till the end of time
And in the afterlife never you to miss
The good fortune of Jannat-ul-Firdous (garden of paradise)
Align yourself with the followers of the Prophet
And that is been parting and goodbye!

Hey Muxubbo!

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