Keep Truly in Mind!

If you are sworn in as a member of a top justice to be fair and reasonable
And you have the tendency to comply with the acts of groupism, clan and close
       relations as a common basis
The process of arranging bribery established roots in your mind
If you render a property or wealth owned by someone to somebody else
An inconvenient arrangement or a twisted rope may cause death to a he-camel,
Wickedness, fraud and wrongful deception not befriended with justice
That they have a dividing line between them and it's an authoritative statement
If you push aside your responsibilities and the public laws
If justice goes astray and away from the correct path then confusion will follow.
Hey you, Xaashi! Look the orphans that have been robbed with full force and in
       an unjust way
Look those women whose rights were refused to accept by a judge
At the moment no one has paid attention to that astounding arrogance
A nation whose people promote evil are halted and arrested from progress
It's the legal experts who corrupted these existing cases
The evil acts inflicted upon the people is prison and bribery
You've crossed the line and done something wrong and afterlife you go awry
       and fall into disorder,
If one isn't take hold of the evil one would not get tranquillity and become
The argument and the legal matter is not that that man is from my
The argument and the legal matter is not that you have close relationship with
        that man
The argument and the legal matter is not that and that as well is my close
Hey you, judge! Also you got lost, come back to the concern for justice
You have blood on your hands, poison and illegal matters
You are safeguarding toxins at the bottom of a wooden dish
Justice is lost like a rope halter placed around the heads of a line-up he-camels
The judges incline toward those who regularly arrange bribery for them
For those people who don't afford to pay the bribery are caused to run over the
        thorny bush,
I feel sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering of the majority of the
It's a disrespect and failure to adhere to moral principles if we don't bring evil
        and injustice under control
It's a disrespect and failure to adhere to moral principles if we don't skilfully
        drum up support.

If the judge fails to comply with the law and makes the robbery legitimate and
       breaks the aspiration of the people;
If the judge befriends with greediness and wealth,
Keep truly in mind that there are death and graves!
Keep truly in mind that there is a side chamber of the grave that one prepares
       for someone!
Keep truly in mind that there is a hell where the wicked are punished after
Keep truly in mind that there is a heaven where coolness and light rain exist
Keep truly in mind that there is Allah who records the person's good and bad
Keep truly in mind that there is afterlife and the Day of Judgment
Keep truly in mind that that day Allah is the Chief Justice.

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Comments (2)

Zamzam benignity is our world

This is a great poem!!I Can’t count of how many times i read.true justice is done for the sake of Allah regardless of poor and royalty:)

mohamed loves his country

masha allah  it is  great poem  and i really enjoyed it cuz  i am big  fan of justice(cadaalad)  when it comes to justice we dont have to make an exception fo those who happen to be wrong-doers and  close relatives  cuz if we dont start justice from  our house we will have  a country ful of  wrong-doers and no justice  may allah  guide  us all to the right path amin. 

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