One Day

One day
The child of the star
Will grow
In the reeds
He will pour water like a light
Into the mouth of ripe dates
One day
He will recite
What he could
Of the verses of wounds (pain)
And he walks dressed in the clothes of a prophet
One day
He will put on
A mawwal
And a rhyme
That encompasses the south
Flowing water and gold (or: the messiah of water and gold)
One day
Neither the sun or the moon will rise
Except him, belittling
The planets and comets

One day
He will signal to the wind
Take shelter in my hand
There shall be no
Fear for the grapes
One day
He will run in all paths without caring
If the rains
Were plagued
One day
He will awake to a world
Teaching that the soil in the soul
Is made of gold
One day
He'll scream in all faces: "I"
"I am the one whose words enlighten the blind"
One day
He'll lay down on Gemini
up-there in the horizon like a saint
I say, one day, - and my oracle was right-
some prophicies in my hand, and in some books
A prophecy, like a child
Her doves swirl around lanterns of those who slept on tiredness
Me, my children and a partner
Whom I escape from and to in the hour of misery
We lock the door deludedly, then open it
Knowing that the door of illusion is of wood.

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very moved to read poems from western sahara, a country completely forgotten about

shabi ul hasnain

this poem is excelent i read it and enjoyed

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