Just for a day
she won't think
of you

And the fish will forget
their way in the water

The burning sun will be suspended
helpless in the solar orbit

Time's umbilical cord will coil
around its own neck

Just for a day
she, oblivious,
will place her light
between the sun and the moon

And the seven sages in the sky
will be worried

Letters will separate
and fall off the scripts

Creatures will forget their faces
and there will be no mirrors

Just for a day
And you will vanish
in an ethereal mist
in a moment

Darkness will spread
till the end of the universe

Lava will gather
inside the earth

For miles
snails will burn
inside their shells

In just a day's
this body will turn blue

from its own bites


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great poem gagan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i really like this poem you are a very good poet.take good care and keep on writing.

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