I was not these days thinking to introduce Gabay to the attention of the public
Neither do I initiated poems I once used to brand and promote
Nor have I recited the formal beginnings of the alliterations of Alif and Miim,
I've stopped becoming involved in the foundations of the essential point of 
But when I honestly couldn't able to stand idly by while my people suffered  
       grievances and hardship
Then it became suitable for me in the circumstance to say a few words. 

A country that have lost its father and completely orphaned
His wife has long time ago crossed over and passed away
The whole territory sealed off and fenced and inside dark deeds been
Having neither paternal and maternal uncles nor paternal aunts
It's their kinsmen who killed and send them to their graves
It's a very highly destructive life occurring one day after another.

Say, it's a forked tongue venomous snake with human masks!
Say, where are the people whom I used to call intellectuals!
Say, there is no difference between men - they are the two sides of the same
Their envoys were been put in a pit
Anyone refusing to take the orders is stabbed in the heart by a dagger
It's they who are antagonizing each other and not giving attention to others
We know that there is an astonishing discernment among the Somalis
If once upon a time they were very powerful, today they killed by themselves.
Hey Abees! The curse, the disaster and the misfortune that took place
Clouds of dust soared into the sky in the Somali territory
Humans couldn't able to stay in because of the steam from a high flame
The country has become an open school where the world can do their training
And the population living there have moved with urgent haste and stampeded.
Because of the intense feeling of fear and terror each group have fled to 
       different destinations;
Part of them is those who are powerless and crying for help
Part of them is those who are attacked continuously with bombs or shells with
       no mercy
Part of them is those who have been hunted in the jungle
Part of them is those who are having no hope for the future and scattered in
       the Arab World
Part of them is those who have ran away from prosecution and travelled and
       sought asylum in the West
Part of them is those who have fled the country by boat faced hardship and
       reached their end in the deep sea.
I'm totally bewildered the misfortune condition that we are in
I'm outraged of the isolation and the feeling of being alone
I feel embarrassment of the lack of understanding between the people
The contradiction and putting the wrong interpretation on the religion
The student and the teacher are in a very perilous situation
They both hold the symbols of the Holy Qur'an and the Hadith
And carefully select the most suitable points for their claims,
You have not been merciful and because of that it has lost its eternity
What we have done that other nations have accused us
Everyone knows with the exception of the rude person.
Uh-oh! Aren't I grieve in the heart and wept because of our anger and
       expressing sufferings?
Uh-oh! Aren't I grieve in the heart and wept because of you not having
       prospect of a future?
Uh-oh! Aren't I grieved in the heart and wept because of the idea of let me
       alone have it all?
Uh-oh! Aren't I grieve in the heart and wept because of our lingering hate and
Uh-oh! Aren't I grieve in the heart and wept because of the fatelessness of the
Uh-oh! Aren't I grieve in the heart and wept because of refusing to rule gently
       and quietly?

The mother who, like the female animal which has been induced to go on giving
       milk (by having her smell the skin of her dead young), failed to find her
The mother who wherever she tries to look and search been blocked
The mother who lives from the morning twilight till dark in the night expressing
       a range of emotions of ah! And oh!
The mother who wherever she puts her feet break her strength and firmness
The mother who wherever she is located is targeted and bombarded with
       heavy artillery shells.

Let me not grief my pain and distress that is accompanying me
Colonialism and dictatorship have just now been born in my country
I entered an extreme form of inequality's door - a practice of owing slaves
       abolished long time ago
Worse are the black Africans than the previous white colonizers
Our men lost all the awareness of anything as well as the way
They are treated like a he-camel burden commanded and called whoa! To make
        them to slow down
And now they are walking skeletons and look like a thin sheep and goats.
Worse is my hopelessness than the situation and the whole society that turned
       upside down
And I execute without any resistance all malevolent orders given to me
Hey, Abees! People betrayed their nation's trust and broke its pillars for the
       sake of selfish desire for wealth and power
If once I'm way behind my peers and looking very horrible
It's appropriate for me to forget living further
I've to endure as if been taken to the hereafter
I've to move away completely from this world.
Let me bring my Alif alliteration to a halt before it keeps going on and on;
Oh, God! Nobody else is responsible but the blame can be put squarely on them
Oh, God! The luck of trust and the persistent feeling of ill will that exists
Oh, God! Draw together because they are harbouring a grudge against each
Oh, God! The drought and the shortage of water in the dry season that is
       taking place
We pray for flowers and vegetations
Oh, God! Bring stability on our behalf, we are thirst for peace
And later give fresh air and new beginning
Among the people there is intense feeling of hatred
I conclude my verses with the wish that one day a leader who obeys Allah will
       bring the people together.

London, 2009

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Ekran Hassan

This is so true and deep.  She talks about things we are afraid to utter all which is true. She is indeed a true poet, may Allah bless her and Somalia


Oh. My. God.

I am bookmarking this and reciting it to everyone I know. Beautiful.

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