The Hell and Heaven of Other People

The hell and heaven of other people
we take up, are also a kind of spark
linking a deeply held bond
every action shakes every other one
Maybe everything we see which exists
looks similar different lives stuck together
only unconnected worlds are obstructed
like being without reaffirming bonds
Think              do        carry on without feeling
the deep hook in the moving flow
blood and flesh           the dancing rhythm of the heart
it doesn't matter which heart - the same rhythm
The same rhythm - but it goes in different ways
creates the whole from one quarter
changes           the crossroad with a choice of journeys
reap a thousand heights or deteriorate 

The hell or heaven of other people
we take up into our existence without stopping
it doesn't matter if they are unimaginably repulsive
or majestically beautiful - truth
Today the world chooses to take opposite sides
usually, seeks only things
wholly present leave the future to rest
detests on loves on and on - -
It is the hell or heaven of other people
we take up, it can be a kind  of spark
even if they are superb flowers, growing flowers
don't choose the flames of war

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