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I. Murad Zahawy

nice, delicate and witty verses ..proud of u Kajal


I admire the poem. Kajal is great but I agree with shilan. Women are able to do it but it is not their fate!!! This fate has been created by men like Camal! Women should be free to choose it if they like. A piece of poem is somebody’s emotion about a situation; if this situation is beautiful for Kajal it is not for lots of other women though it carries positive dennotations too!

Shilan Shorsh

this poem is nice but it is traditional. why it is women’s destiny to become pregnant? all women need not to become pregnant. poem tells us that all women are made to be pregnant and it is her destiny. I do not understand why people call themselves for femenist but think so Traditionally in poetry selection.


It’s a good piece! But i do not agree with the whole content of the poem. I am a first time mother. And i have never felt sexy and more beautiful and proud than these past 8 months of my life.

WE all should perceive pregnancy in a way to truly celebrate the beauty of a woman! It’s a celebration of life and that is a legacy that only pregnant women possess.


yes, it must be the women’s fate to give birth and that is what makes the life in the universe go round.The poem tells us that women are always beautiful no matter what happens,like Kajal Ahmad.Nice work…!

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