These men who let themselves down, brooding on their shame
Men who harm themselves and go wailing aloud
Men without sound judgement and the wisdom of the old
Busy chewing the poisonous Ganboor plant cursed by Allah
Idly sitting in a desolate place in a room full of litter
Ever boasting about their unreal, imagined chivalry
God is the bliss giver, but this man has surely failed his responsibility
He abandoned his wife, his children and his close relatives too
And ceased to bring food and other necessary wares to the house
As a true mother she suffered in agony
And felt torn apart in twos by the infidel
Unable to sleep the whole night, assailed by her worries
Expecting none to come to her aid; and no father by her side
And feels so shattered and lost in her thoughts
Gripped by daunting memories, she cries from dusk to dawn
And raises her arms aloft in prayer for Allah's deliverance
When she takes the children to school, she still has other tasks to do
She finds herself bound again to accomplish duties he had neglected
And goes out to do the shopping, terribly running out of stock
And returns home with a car full of the essential goods
Almost dying of thirst and hunger and feeling too feeble to walk
She struggles to find the cooking pot and starts cooking the food
And late in the afternoon when the evening is approaching near                                     

Once again she goes to fetch the children home
Like the male kudu and the gazelle she is always seen roaming alone
In the afternoons some of the young ones are intent to going out
Like bustards caught helplessly by a continuous pouring rain
She remains on guard while all others enjoy their sleep
Going about mindlessly till the morning light dawns on her
So as not to be led astray by the poem, let me come to conclusion
The mother who suffers all these privations with none to appreciate
The mother so abandoned to despair by her male relatives
Gracious God, only you know what is in store for us
And the final judgement is yours and yours alone
Justice in full is whatever you will, and however applied
Once I cannot order your death by the gunshots you rightly deserve
And your relatives refrain from tying you to an ant-infested tree
I resign to wait for the final judgement on the Great Gathering hereafter

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