At the beginning was fear
There were also poems,
Then a man came,
When everybody else disappeared,
The man came-
The fear disappeared,
A child came-
The fear returned too.
The fear of sudden death.
Then the wave of lullaby came- it suffocated me,
Then the smell of milk deafened me-
All the sounds disappeared- except mine,
And it rang from inside
As the swallowed tongue ( of the bell)-
The soft metal,
All the sounds disappeared-
Jealous, warm, coarse,
Yearned for, sweet,
Strict, simple
Anorexia- love,
Between bones and skin
It can’t get used to extra- the third
In other words the poems-
Grieving mourners
Me – the dead-(the poems cannot get used to me-Nata)
They said good-bye one by one
And when a child
Between morning milk
and afternoon porridge,
says inter-
then rhymes them-
and builds up the words
colourful plastic cubes-
I understand exactly- what you want to say
And what you mean-
You- my mother’s mother tongue
You my mother’s mother tongue
You – my mother.

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