[Of] separate minds / hearts’

This self / soul / life which is crying out / shouting out
And which is circling around you
A heart is abducting it
The limbs look for you / want you
The eyes search / look around for you
Which long for sight of you
The heart is cultivating
The seeds of passionate love
Is sowing them in the cells [of the body]

Although you are making it wary
Or are finding fault with it
The soul / self which has thrown off choice
Could not live without you

I am not leaving hoping aside
And to you gloating is a stick
I am not learning from experience
And you are not being compassionate
I am not being silent
And from you good words have been lacking
I brought you flowers
And you passed me the thorns

Are you the only person created?
Are you the only good [person]?
Are you more intelligent than the other people?
[More] charismatic and respected?
Better in appearance than your peers?

Or is it my signalling [i.e. what I say about you]
My welcome and greeting
The words /sentences of my praise
And my longing
What I brought to the urur constellation for you
And made out of you light that beams

If I haven’t done you an injustice
Haven’t turned away from your generation
Or haven’t left your side / turned aside from what is right in the heart
Had not offered my soul in generosity
Or hadn’t thirsted for you
Or hadn’t cried for you
Or hadn’t poured out my heart for you [literally: purified the inside of the torso]
Or hadn’t separated good words for you
Hadn’t given you respect
You would have wept for me
What humanity has / owns
It doesn’t see, it doesn’t respect
And is not aware of and doesn’t value it

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