She Too

She too. She too. He
is not awake, not asleep
Not there. Not here

Mere few shots
Sits down and gets up
Looks at his hands
Their blood has whitened

The ceasefire is in force

Eventually she was but an unbearably heavy body

Eyes of no use

Five were killed when their vehicle drove over

A mouth trying to say
Nothing can be understood

Who will he carry in his hands now?
To whose mouth will he serve food?

Noise has destroyed      How will he live without this suffering?

The ceasefire took hold
On the Egyptian side a few shots were heard

His shadow is growing thin
Difficult to take this strong light
The days of youth have long ago gone

I used to think that death was no more than an accident

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nice transltion, but it is beter if you included the year of thso poems were created.

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