Sipping a Little Knowledge Could Create Hardship

An injustice piled up could one day jolt into motion and break the chains of abuse,
Hey Siyaad! A patch used to mend the whip that has had cracks and split into separate parts
The dew that moistened the mat has received the first glimmer of light;
The revolution that I’ve entrusted myself and the growth and prosperity of this land
I said: ‘It will be this revolution that will make a considerable savings for the future generations,’
And what if I get frightened of the KGB and the Russian armoured vehicles
Then I took lightly to my oath to Allah earlier and I’m accountable to my promise and it did matter taking a solemn promise on the Holy Qur’an.

The revolutionaries and the party members are genuine patriots and they are truly ours
It’s up to them – again and again – the course of action they take and the direction they choose
There’s no single country that invented socialism alone and claimed it as theirs
Never quarrels over with other countries which do not support its interpretation of socialism
It’s simply a system of nation-building and raising the economic standard of the people,
Hey, you! Anyone of you who wants to hand over his land to the Kremlin, Russia, and Cuba
Let they decide to pick up their choice if they are despised and pay no attention to ours.

What I've said earlier has progressed rapidly and leaps about with great force
The talent that enables Siyaad to achieve a great deal and all the human beings’ strive for good life
If one brings both and combine together it will create everlasting deposit bonuses
But it looks that it became like a prison cell that only works the copies of the Russian ideology
And only Castro’s and Brezhnev’s viewpoints are permissible
Siyaad’s attitude of considering a matter and the fact of not being regarded his views as relevant.

The revolutionaries and the patriots are fleeing and running away from the corridors of the party
Excluding those who fled and migrated, but those who still remain in the country
We are like the gelded camel showing careful forethought to surprise the he-camel
We are running away from our homes and dwellings into the forest
Bells were attached to our necks giving a ringing sound which says, ‘keep an eye on them’,
Looking at things out the corner of our eyes because of been too frightened.

Let me not be excessively talkative and just try to summarize my expression;
As I looked these organized group of people administering the party who is meaningless and having no value
An anti-revolutionary is himself a patriot who has just disliked an administration
What I’ve seen are separatists, who are full of malice and very deadly,
But, on the contrary they are the look-alikes of Katame and Ahmaras who are sitting on these chairs
What makes people upset at this situation is when one starts pretending and keeping up appearances of doing something for the good of the nation.

The progress that we made in the education system is now been destroyed and cannot be repaired
Still not reaching the intermediate level let alone furthering his education
Just knowing a very little knowledge of K and W and this allowed the person to go further courses
Instead of one learning from bottom up one comes with the top down approach,
If you don’t give a warning of the impending danger and turn the heat up on them
The skills and the scholarly attainments they achieve would not be benefited
It is like the green bottle fly used to booze a lot of sour camel’s milk.

And sipping a little knowledge could create hardship,
The strangest thing is that you try to send someone to a course to Moscow
And the course was performed to him in a concise speedily manner,
And later was flown him back to our country and been assigned to an important position of authority
And thinks he is installed to the seat by Cuba and Russia
For him it is a surprise the decision of the expulsion of Cubans and the Soviet personnel
Disliking and having antipathy for anyone supporting the decision taken at the party congress
And the confidence people have towards Siyaad and the leaders of the nation
The people attended the annual conference of the party early in the morning not been able to wait till one o’clock
Set off at daybreak and supported the party’s agenda,
Those who run away from us the day we expelled the Cubans
And who didn’t turn up and make a showing at the party conference
Destroying the unity of the party and dividing the people into groups,
If we don’t indict for treason and take them to tie and shoot at the execution poles,
When they start breeding rapidly their animosity and ill will and it flourishes
Then they will deliberately obstruct and definitely sabotage the revolution.

Whether I’m just mistaken and my emotion screwed up and got lost
Or whether the people mentioned above are preparing to instigate violence
The consequence of their actions will one day come to the people’s attention and will genuinely expressed an opinion
And that they are the enemies of the people and the country
And they were never nourished with the novel virtue of patriotism.

The Kremlin shipped to the Ethiopians with heavy armoured fighting vehicles
And sent Cubans as proxies inclined to behave recklessly with the trigger
Our armed forces were hunted down and killed
Thousands of slain warriors lying in the forest
When you look at these soldiers you shed tears
Colonels who were all injured and killed by the Cubans
One never acted as a friend to these people by offering them support,
But unfortunately this group is unconcerned in the plight of their country and people
The only thing that the group is concerned and waiting to act accordingly is by violent means of grabbing the power of the state.

Let me not be loquacious and try to summarize my point;
The group has encouraged injustice to increase and it has since then been on the rise
Started to charge you with an offence and claim that you have done something wrong
And takes you to court and become the prosecutor and judge
It is the group and the group alone that administers the whole judgement which I’ve never ever seen it before.

First it was a cop who brought me to court
Then the public prosecutor instituted the legal proceedings against me
And then a witness brought by them gave a fabricated sworn testimony
And lastly it was the judge, who gave me the wrong verdict,
The gang had a full confidence and support from the upper echelons of the state
If this group was monitored and inspected without giving a prior notice
They would never have acted unlawfully and carried out the conviction of an innocent person.
But unless either me or the gang group who was present at the court was not brought to an appropriate and unbiased court of justice
And the legal case between the two opposing parties – the defendant and the accuser – is heard and real judgement is made by a true judge
And I don’t know whether it’s my overall attitude of handling my anxiety,
I swear to God that I’ll never ever involve and take part any revolutionary activities if this miscarriage of justice prevails
Let not the people be unexpected because it seems that we are in a time of transition.

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