The key of life (The Ankh Key)


To mature, there must be a river
An amulet is a prerequisite for the essence to shine
For the allegory to conclude
Is it the God - King or the King - God?!
Which one is first?
Which one of the two holding the door knob in his hand?
Or which one is custodian to the code of eternity?


Half the truth is on the dark side
Immersed in riddles and in keys (encryptions, codes) infected (infested) with eternal oblivion
The aching - lonesome - handsome half
Awakened the Apple
By the flirty mouth of perpetuity
One half (of the Apple) managed to lose its lost half


The ancient-one is still an enigma
It was an Amulet
Was a metal mirror
Gilded or polished copper
An icon of a sun within older graves
The Ancient-one is a river-bed (gulch) of an Archaic River

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