They think (suppose) I am a king, yes, I AM THE KING

My need (want or requirement) for the WORD
Like the need of an ancient-man1 for a stone or fire
Like his need for an axe, a spear or armour
…. Or the need for the comfort (company) of a flute


I enriched (enhanced) you (thee)
As life is enriched by its days and a wolf by dark nights
I enhanced the craving (yearning) for distinction (uniqueness)  
I remained here not to preach (orate) or intended to win (recompensed with) the fur (fleece)
I remained (lingered) here to keep alive the attainment of the slaved girl2


What were devoured (consumed) by wars were your remains (leftovers)
What inspired the unsung (unacknowledged) was one of the subjects3 of your fierce charm
You (taught) (educated) me
You led (steered) me far away by my ignorance 

They (Suppose) think I am a king, Yes, I AM THE KING.

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