وقتُكَ مُكَدَّسٌ ، أيّها الماضي
إلى عربةٍ أو طريقٍ
يبعثرُ اللهاثَ
يمزجُ الكأسَ بالخنجرْ

مُرْهَقٌ كي تكابدَ حلمك َ
في خطوةٍ هرئةٍ
بحصانٍ ورغبة ْ
غَريقٌ بكلِّكَ في الكَلَلِ
من كلِّ شَيْءٍ
وتبشِّرُ بالحرائقِ والهتافْ

وقتُكَ المُطْلَقُ ، أيّها الماضي
من الساحة ِوالسجنِ
مفتوحٌ بمرارةٍ وظنونْ .

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I also went to the Rita Dove performance. It was very difrnfeet from what I expected. I thought it was going to be a long drown out readings of her work. However the dim lights, music and performance of the actors made it even better. I really enjoyed seeing Rita Dove there in the flesh. She was very nice and attentive. I really enjoyed the music played by Barry Mitterhoff , the flow was soothing and played very well. Although they skipped some of the poems it all flowed together nicely. Like I mentioned before the lighting was the main source and it was done correctly. The light would be on the speaker and whatever else they felt the audience needed to know. Also the actors, Shaunette Wilson(Beulah) and Stephen Winburn (Thomas) did an amazing job performing. They danced and sang very well. Overall I had a wonder experience and appreciate the art of poetry so much more.

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