We Get Reborn

In the colourful streaks of water lilies
We get reborn
In the tasteless streaks of a cobra in the desert
We get reborn
From the saliva of the mouth of a horse
That a "chopandaz" is riding him
To catch the
Half dead goat
We get reborn
With Cartilages and bones and joints
We reborn
With the visions of the butterflies which have been born before us.
With dreams of the pigeons which have fallen asleep in the edge of 
       turquoise roofs.
We reborn
To rediscover the leaves of the trees
And the test of grapes
And the smell of the raisins' gardens
And the old colour of the pomegranate
And the iron and stone
We reborn
To reinvent that the murderousness of iron and radiances of the stones-Grasshoppers are queuing
And are listening to the sound of a dram which comes from a distance.
Ants are in a line.
And listening to our voice that is crying.
After us "Kohl" gets born.
And then Hoopoe
And then tree and then Dandelion
In the queue from where we get born
We come to streets
To believe in prophecy  of Dandelion.
That knows the candle's time
We get to reborn
Half of us in India= other half in wasteland of Hijaz- and looking for the
         other half
Who was born in a well in Isfahan
From the beginning
The name of the wind
The name of the rain
From the beginning we learn the name of spring and winter
And we rummage everything of the world from the beginning
That the death, getting discovered.

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