Inquire Statehood

If you don’t stop from doing something that certainly is not worth for yourself
You become like a person of no judgment in the ability to understand something
He is the one who never misses but goes straight forward into the fire
Sometimes it’s common to err but to go astray is contemptibleness.

If a cause never been elevated to a higher position and fail to care for properly;
Hey you Somalis! Times past and the current period of time,
Until our tradition, culture and heredity been eradicated
Until our rich country been marked with a branding iron by the enemy
And until foreigners come to our land and steal our inheritance.

Lay down your arms and cease fighting and trying to stir up war!
Reproof is not good for the dear kinsmen and you forget for having bitter feelings!
Come together to unite this morning and have a strong desire and the same opinion!
But then have no other intention except making determined efforts to deal with the unfortunate events and moving forward!

From God’s support seek and deal with statehood
At that moment on you will be fulfilling your own needs
Otherwise harbour resentments and feel a surge of anxiety because you just have no guidance dealing with the difficult situation.

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