PTC YouTube Takeover Week 2: Destiny Adeyemi

Destiny Adeyemi is a poet and spoken word performer, a Slambassadors 2018 Winner, member of The Octavia Poetry Collective and was in 18/19 Barbican Young Poets programme. She lives in London performing at local open mics and poetry events. Her poetry takes inspiration from her Nigerian upbringing, personal experiences and intersectional feminist beliefs.

Adeyemi is responding to the work of Brazilian poet Adelaide Ivánova, having written a response poem to Ivánova’s poem The Elephant for our guerilla bitchcraft event with Adelaide Ivánova last year.

The Dog

This poem deals frankly with sexual abuse and its aftermath.

Unforced error

Destiny Adeyemi wrote this poem in response to the poem 'the elephant' by Brazilian poet Adelaide Ivánova.

Sex as a survivor with Karim Mohammed and Destiny Adeyemi

Poets Destiny Adeyemi and Karim Mohammed talk frankly about their experience of sex as survivors of abuse, the work of poet Adelaide Ivánova and the process of discovering writing as a form of therapy only to find themselves looking for inspiration beyond their personal trauma.

The PTC YouTube Takeover credits tune 'Elephant Juice' was composed by Natasha Sutton Williams.